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  • Bringing your Gate, Fence, Sliding Door Back to its Original State

        Lots of items in life require specific and careful repair. For example, a team of 17 ironworkers and 38 painters works in an on-going effort to maintain the paint and repair the corrosio

    2015-08-09 08:34:44 Mr.Wang 24

  • Why To Choose Legend Iron

         Legend Iron emphasizes design, and its key is the treatment at some point and on some finish (ask customer to validate and compare). According to our many years’experience, w

    2015-08-09 11:49:25 Mr.Wang 8

  • Wrought iron buyers guide

    Ⅰ. Shape                                Different decorative environments shall select corresponding shapes of wrought i

    2015-08-09 11:18:44 Mr.Wang 15

  • Some comments of Haoyijin experts on the design of wrought iron

           Wrought Iron product shall meet such requirements as safe structure, simple and practicable, multiple designs, beautiful.       First, safe structure has

    2015-08-09 11:16:58 Mr.Wang 21

  • The history of wrought iron

         To look at the history of wrought iron is to look at the history of man’s innovations. Throughout time, wrought iron has been used to build ancient structures, w

    2015-08-09 11:14:51 Mr.Wang 18

  • How to choose exterior wrought iron product

           When selecting wrought iron product, you shall sit on it, checking if any rocking or noise when heavy loaded; check if weld spot is firm. Oil stain, impurity and rust remova

    2015-08-09 11:11:01 Mr.Wang 18

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