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  • Benefits of Updating Your Entry Door

         If you are realizing that your home needs a more updated look, then you many find, like millions of other homeowners, that your main entrance is where you will get the most ‘

    2015-08-09 11:09:03 Mr.Wang 9

  • Security of Wrought Iron Doors and Steel Doors for Homes

           For most of us, when we consider the choices for a home entry door, we assume we’ll have to choose between beauty and security. In our times, security has become a pri

    2015-08-09 11:07:29 Mr.Wang 17

  • What to know before you buy a custom iron door...

         Integrated threshold – Many iron door companies do not make their wrought iron doors with a threshold leaving the door susceptible to racking, unwanted movement and twisting

    2015-08-09 11:04:05 Mr.Wang 10

  • A floral grille with the classic arabesque pattern treated with flowers and leaves

         For the partition in the waiting room of an esthetic salon, wrought iron grill is used together with the light blue glass. The elegant wrought iron, matching with the furniture, is

    2015-08-09 11:00:39 Mr.Wang 16

  • All of our Iron Entry Doors

        All wrought iron entry doors are finished with our 7 step process; Zinc Coated, Sand Blasted, Primed, Baked, Painted, Faux Finished and Clear Coated.     All doors come wi

    2015-08-09 10:58:59 Mr.Wang 4

  • Legend Iron makes only premium quality front doors.

           Not all front doors are created equal. A Legend Iron door is the most attractive, durable and cost effective choice you can make. When you install one of our front doors in

    2015-08-09 10:56:47 Mr.Wang 12